• December 6, 2021

    Im /mediations / Live-stream studio visit & video premiere

    Join us via live-stream for a final sharing to conclude the Im/mediations Residency at Lake Studios Berlin! We’re excited to share what we’ve been up to since June, as well as how we imagine the project developing in the new year. As part of this event we will reflect back on IDLE, a series of one-on-one encounters online in silence and stillness that we hosted back in August. Additionally, we will premiere two new videos titled Im/mediations: White Void, and Im/mediations: Remains.

    The live-stream is free, and open to everyone. No reservation is required. On the day of, just click the ‘enter’ button on the main page of this website and it will bring you to Vimeo:

    In addition to the live-stream, we will have a limited on-site audience for the video screening (strictly 2G +). If you are in Berlin and would like to join, please email us to reserve at:

  • October 5, 2021

    Im/mediations on the Lake Studios Resident Artist Blog

    Check out our initial post on the Lake Studios Resident Artist Blog, sharing aspects of the ongoing research and creation process for the Im/mediations Project!. Additional materials will be added here over the course of our residency, up until the final sharing in mid December.

    Entry One: WHITE VOID

    June 2021 @ Lake Studios Berlin
    By Teoma Naccarato

    This is my first time in a dance studio since the start of the pandemic. I feel pressure to move, to dance, to fill the generous space around me – space I have missed throughout the past year and a half of lockdown. I improvise without a plan, and what emerges seems superficial, indulgent, nonsensical – but I kind of like it. I shrug, sigh, shimmy, sway, groove, gesticulate, pulse, point, sit, stare. It is as if I am dancing around my kitchen while I wait for the coffee to brew – unobserved and unconcerned.

    Despite hours of improv over the course of days, my mundane and idiosyncratic movement persists. My years of training in contemporary dance feel absent, although I’m aware that this understated, almost careless quality resonates with a lot of postmodern performance. In my attempt to improvise without structure, I notice patterns and habits as they surface: my right arm usually leads; one eyebrow is raised; I repeat to build in intensity and then cut to a new idea, in another part of the room. I try several times to shape this ambiguous movement into phrases, exploring shifts in rhythm and dynamics, but I arrive at nothing concrete. Each imposition of intention feels foregin, inconsistent, with the persona and logic that is arising.

    I begin filming myself as I improvise, and I find my own image rather uncanny. Watching myself performing myself, or rather, some version of myself transplanted from my kitchen into the dance studio, and now onto the screen, has a distancing effect. I feel like I am watching myself from without. Curious about this, I set up a monitor with live-stream video directly from the camera, in order to watch myself in real-time – and also, to watch myself watching myself. This loop of self-observation of self, all the while being recorded, evokes in me a shift that is difficult to articulate. I might best describe it as an interplay of vanity and vulnerability – both integral to the nearly 20 hours of solo footage I will eventually accumulate.

    I call the studio I am filming in the ‘white void’. When I am back against the white wall, the wide-angle lens of the camera makes me look small and far away, but with only a few steps I can enter into extreme closeup. This distortion of proximity and distance, this abstraction of site, reminds me of the notion of “no-place” coined by Harmony Bench. Bench proposes that:

    No-place is an abstracted space, a blank or evacuated space. It is, in a sense, nothing. Nominating no-place as a site for dance may seem somewhat paradoxical, but in identifying no-place, I am trying to theorize the political effects of a site deployed to erase location – a site that works to render itself invisible. No-place, I argue, substantiates dance’s mediation across analogue and digital platforms.”

    Bench, Harmony. 2008. “Media and the No-place of Dance,” Forum Modernes Theater, 23.1, p. 37

    This, for me, is a conceptual link between the emergent aesthetic of my improvisation in this white void, with concerns related to virtual qualities of presence and togetherness in the Im/mediations project.

    …more to follow soon…

  • Collective traces from IDLE are now online!

    The initial iteration of IDLE spanned twelve hours between August 22-24, 2021, and involved a series one-on-one encounters online, in silence and stillness. The invitation was simply to arrive, and stay, letting moments pass between us, listening to our silence, sensing without seeing, sharing without speaking, holding space for each other, virtually.

    Following each encounter, visitors were invited to share a ‘trace’ of this experience – in words, image, sound, voice, video, etc. The growing collection of traces is now available online at:

    These traces enact a collective archive that not only documents what has passed between us, but also, offers entry-points to re/engage with qualities of togetherness in virtual spaces. In the coming months, resonance from these traces will be folded into the ongoing creative process in the Im/mediations project, being developed in collaboration by Teoma Naccarato and John MacCallum.

  • IDLE / a series of 1-1 encounters online in silence and stillness

    August 22, 23, 24 | 19:00 – 23:00 CEST
    Open to everyone | Free of charge
    Reserve a 10min slot now!

    Just arrive, and stay, letting moments pass between us, listening to our silence,
    sensing without seeing, sharing without speaking, holding space for each other, virtually.

    Afterwards, you will be invited to share a ‘trace’ of our encounter – in words, text, image, sound, voice, video, etc. – to be folded into ongoing performances as part of the Im/mediations project.

    Use the link below to reserve a 10-min time slot, and you will be sent a confirmation email with a personal link just for you. You will need a device with video and internet connection.

  • June 1, 2021

    Choreographer Teoma Naccarato and composer John MacCallum begin an artistic research residency at Lake Studios Berlin, for the ongoing development of the Im/mediations project between June and December 2021!

    Check out the Lake Studios Berlin Resident Artist Process blog, and upcoming events and opportunities:

  • May 1, 2021

    Teoma Naccarato is awarded a grant for the Im/mediations Project!

    Choreographer Teoma Naccarato has been awarded a grant to realise the Im/mediations project. The grant is from the National Performance Network: Stepping Out, funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media within the framework of the initiative NEUSTART KULTUR. Assistance Program for Dance.