Premiere: December 14, 2021 at Lake Studios Berlin

Choreography & Performance: Teoma Naccarato
Music Composition & Performance: John MacCallum
Video Composition & Editing: Teoma Naccarato, John MacCallum, and Benjamin Krieg
Multi-Channel Video System Design: John MacCallum

Im/mediations: REMAINS (16:25) is a solo choreographed within a multi-camera video surveillance system. Filmed in one continuous take, the performer moves intentionally in and out of view, such that isolated body parts and gestures are distributed and reconfigured across multiple panels by way of real-time video mixing. That which is visible in each 16×9 panel, is set against all that which lies beyond its frame. REMAINS can be simultaneously performed for a live and virtual audience, on stage and screen, thus concealing and revealing the body and movement of the performer differently depending on the context of encounter. The stark aesthetic of REMAINS – white on white – is reinforced by the density and persistence of the electronic music.

The full-length video is presently passwords protected. If you would like to view it for personal use, or if you are interested in presenting it as part of a festival or event, please request access via email at: