Premiere: December 14, 2021 at Lake Studios Berlin
Duration: 16:25

Choreography, Video, & Performance: Teoma Naccarato
Music Composition: John MacCallum

Im/mediations: VOID is a series of self-portraits – in triplicate. Each morning I entered this white space, this white void, and watched myself watching myself as I improvised. Confronted by my own image, my own vanity, my lack of intention, I kept working anyways. The work was to arrive, and to stay. To look and to be looked at. The sound-track is also me describing me, thrice, seeing myself differently each time. In this multiplication of portraits, I have become inconsistent with any singular interpretation of myself – void of self.

The full-length video is presently passwords protected. If you would like to view it for personal use, or if you are interested in screening it as part of a festival or event, please request access via email at: immediations@gmail.com