Teoma Naccarato

I am sat in the hallway, in a space in between, inside and outside,  that is not my house or home, but a friends rather cluttered holding space. I enjoy the silence with you. I am with a curved back I notice, I move position…I notice the pain down my left arm and leg, its more of stiffness in my joints that wants more attention I know. I enjoy it here with you. I could stay longer but dinner is cooking

With much gratitude and inspiration for the interval, for holding this interval space

Rosalind Holgate Smith

…such a pleasure to spend time with you late in the evening (our time),…  you looked intensely focussed, and i was happy about that as it allowed me to dream, and imagine how i could distract you; the yellow balloon, named Jaaqa, was drawn by my 3 year old grand niece Sara last week when i visited her..

-Johannes Birringer

Desiree Foerster

I couldn’t stop thinking of Proust for some reason.

“Desire makes everything blossom; possession makes everything wither and fade.”

Will Daddario

White space framing curls

Chirping birds and summer sky

Power of stillness


shared blinking breath
ebb and flow of shoulders
and our throats
did she practice, I wonder, her face
how long have we been (lifetimes)
practicing our (lifelines) faces
do the shores of her mouth tilt up
or was she

– Wiam El Tamami

–The calming presence of a person holding space for me to sit still and be
–The sound of a ticking clock, at first impatient then settled into patient waiting
–I was surprised at how quickly 10 minutes flew by!
–Silence of stillness
–My puppy cuddling next to me, stealing idleness for herself as well

– Nicole Furlonge

settling in
deep breaths
video glitches
in and out
settling back in
fully relaxing
fully present

Jessica Gaynor

A collapse of time and space
Performing presence
Loving presence
What remains present in absence?
What remains absent in presence?
startled by your sudden departure
reminded of the impermanence of all things

Christine Jackson

The thing that resonated for me was the absence felt when you were suddenly not there, and I was left looking at myself again. That’s when I felt a sense of loss for your presence, and better understood what it had meant to me while you were there. The experience made me think about loss, and loneliness, and about trying to appreciate the present more. It was a very tangible way to reflect on that.

Kaitlin Clipsham