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Adapted for 9x9x9 Video Auditions, September 15, 2022


  • Setup the camera and lighting. No special equipment is needed. Use what you have, and reduce background noise and activity in your environment.
  • Remove all makeup, jewellery, and hair accessories.
  • Position yourself in front of the camera such that you are visible from the shoulders up. Experiment with your eye-line to find an angle at which it appears as though you are looking directly into the lens of the camera, making eye-contact with a viewer.
  • You can use the URL provided for tests in advance of the audition performance.


  • Use the URL provided to enter the video call. 
  • Enter as early as you like, and take time to breathe, focus your gaze, and make yourself available.
  • We will enter the video call at the time we have agreed upon, and leave exactly 10 minutes later, without speaking or acknowledging you.


  • When we enter, see us without greeting us.
  • Look directly into the lens of the camera as if we are making eye contact.
  • Just stay, letting moments pass between us, listening to our silence, sharing without speaking, holding space for each other, virtually.
  • Observe what emerges between us, without intentional reaction or interference.


  • After 10 minutes we will exit the video call.
  • Close your eyes and stay for a while, focussing energy back on yourself.
  • When you leave the call, write a few notes about your experience to share with us the next day.